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Unattended Children

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WPL Policy 4.6 Adopted 11/24/03, Reviewed 7/25/05, Revised 4/24/06, Amended 9/24/07, Reaffirmed 9/28/09, 11/26/12

Children, age 8 and younger, must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or assigned chaperone (age 16 years or older) on the same floor at all times. Older children, (age 9 and older) are welcome to use the library independently, however, responsibility for minors using the library or attending library programs rests with the parent/guardian. A responsible person must accompany at all times children of any age who have special needs. The library is not responsible for children left alone without proper supervision.

If a child (age 8 and younger) is left unattended at any time, or if a child (age 14 or younger) is left in the library at closing time, staff will attempt to contact the parent or guardian. If staff is unable to contact the parent/guardian within a reasonable amount of time, generally 15 minutes after closing, the local police will be contacted. Two staff members shall stay with the child until the parent/guardian or proper authorities arrive. Staff members are not to transport the child to another location.

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